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About Us

Galore Closet is a first come first served shopping brand, bringing you new & exclusive items each week. Our goal is to have something for the everyday woman. Our store mostly consist of urban/contemporary apparel.


We understand this might get frustrating missing out on your favorite items, but not to worry.
Each day we run a poll giving you guys the chance to bring back your most loved items and to choose inventory.
Galore Closet takes prides in offering exceptional customer service and believes in always putting the customer first. That's why each day our customers get the chance to have their say in the items they wish to bring back.
By subscribing to our mailing list, customers can also enjoy taking part in a vote to have their say in the stock they wish to see in our next collection.
We stock our items under ‘size category’ making it super easy to see what cute little sets, tops, dresses, or bottoms etc. we have in your size. This saves you the feeling of disappointment when you go to order something and it not being available in your size! ( Coming Soon)

What makes Galore Closet unique?
We provide a customer focused experience. We believe in engaging with our customers, finding out their needs and more importantly, what they want. Galore Closet does not underestimate the voice of its' customers. 
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OPEN 24 Hours a Day
7 Days a WEEK 
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