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How to Get FREE Stuff🖤

At random, people in general, have been asking me about modeling and promoting and here is what we are going to try! The Galore’s Closet website will be a general 10% off your order free shipping with orders over $50.

Tier 1: “Brand Promoter” 

This will consist of advertising the brand at least once a week. Simply share a post and tag the Galore’s Closet on any form of social media; as a result, you will receive a discount code. Your code will be [YOUR NAME & A NUMBER] the number represents your % off. And also, find something that catches your eye on the Galore’s Closet Website, and you will receive $10 off on your very first purchase! 


  1. Share Something from the Galore’s Closet Website, Facebook Page, or Instagram and promote by having your friends to use your code! 
  2. Stay Aware of the information about Galore’s Closet, so you can answer any questions about the product. 
  3. Be an Active Follower of our Business Pages on Instagram and Facebook.
  4. Please pass out the Complementary Business Cards!
  5. When a promotion/sale hits, you as the brand promoter should know about it. 

** PS. You don’t have to be a female to start. I have guy promoters as well!

Once you get 3 sales using your code, you move on to the next Tier!

Tier 2: “Brand Ambassador” 

Once you reach this tier, you will receive another coupon code. This code will be [YOUR NAME & A NUMBER]. The number represents your % off. Also, in this tier you receive TWO FREE OUTFITS, sent specially to you, for you to model, and post pictures on various social media platforms! I like to call this Tier, “The Bae Squad!” And as a supplement, you will receive some other free items throughout the month! 

Ways to Promote:

  1. Take Photos
  2. Take some Videos!
  3. Have a Mini Photo Shoot!
  4. Use flat lays!

Again, these are just examples to help you promote Galore’s Closet! Be Creative!! How you promote, is totally up to you! Also, you will be the first to test new items to promote at random. The more sales you get the more items you receive. 

Once you get 25 sales using your code, you move on to the next Tier! 

Tier 3: “Queen 🐝 (Queen Bae)” - 

And finally, once you get to this Tier, you will receive another discount code (YOUR NAME & NUMBER) The number represents your % off. 

”Quick Information”

  • Brand Promoters receives 15% off 
  • Brand Ambassadors receives 20% off 
  • Queen BAE receives 30% off
  • The Queen Bae will also receive 5 free outfits as well as random gifts throughout the month. The more sales you get the more items you receive. In this tier, you are the Queen Bae and you will be recognized as such. As the Queen Bae, you will be our main attraction! You will be recognized on social media as well as the go to person for all of the deals and information of Galore’s Closet! 


    If your interested shoot us an email at or hit us up on social media.


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